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31 Days To An Organized Home: Day 24 – The Kitchen Reveal

on October 24, 2012

Thanks for stopping by!  This is Day #24 of my “31 Days To An Organized Home” challenge.  If you missed it, you can catch up with Day #1 here!


Well here we are on the 24th of October already!  Seven days until Halloween and my kid’s costumes still aren’t done but, darn it, I will finish this kitchen!   Mother of the Year.

As much as I tried to get this posted yesterday it was not to be.  If you read my last post you may recall that we were having some major internet challenges with our cable monopoly provider.   I would now like to retract every disparaging thought or comment I have made right now because our technician (even though I let The Husband deal with it since I was working during most of this) was very knowledgeable and could not have been nicer.

Well… ok.  Next time he could bring Mama a Pumpkin Spice Latte but, otherwise, he was absolutely great.

So that was late in the day yesterday.  We started putting the kitchen back in order after rearranging the counter and hanging some things late last eve but nothing felt quite right.   I rearranged again and then decided to GO BIG and get some paint this morning.  I am pretty excited about the way this has turned out and I am glad I spent the extra day on it.

As a recap – here’s where we started (hardest kitchen to photograph EVER ):

The window is on a very large vaulted wall.  Needs help!

So today I painted…  I chose this Benjamin Moore color called “Lady Liberty” because it reminded me of a color called “Batter Bowl Green” from the Martha Stewart line many, many years ago.  I’ve always liked it.  Let’s see if it sticks:

And painted…

And painted some more.  I was on a tear!!

And then the second coat of paint went up and we hung and placed a bunch of things (shopping details below) and here’s where we ended up (oh and, thank GOD The Husband has the patience of a saint, btw.  He is my “master hanger of things”).  Also, I found no window treatments I liked so I am going to have to make a valance:

I did not know if I would like the roosters until I placed them and I must admit I just love them.   And they’re the non-crowing kind, even better! 🙂

And the authentic wooden wine crates were found at a garage sale many years back.  We got rid of some in the move – now I wish we had kept them all, but we have the three shown above.

As far as the pantry and bi-fold laundry doors we have a bit of a dilemma.  First I painted the inserts in the panty door.  I wasn’t sure if it was too much (when The Oldest saw it he rolled his eyes and said “MOM, mint green? Really??” (which no, it’s not “really”) I told him to shut it or his room was next).  So I just did some of the insert trim as a test in the laundry doors on the right:

I don’t know which I like better.  Neither does The Husband.  What do you think??  Here’s another view of the laundry doors:

Going to stare at it for a few days.  Since the bi-folds have 12 total inserts it may be too much to fill them in? Hmmm…  This will NOT keep me awake tonight. (as a side note, Middlest (who is 8) came in and loved the pantry door but said we should paint the white part red.  Lord have mercy now that’s a fiesta waiting to happen right there – I think maybe “no” on that one).

As far as the shopping goes, we had $250 budgeted and bought the following:

Ace Hardware:

1 Gallon of Benjamin Moore paint  –                $30.00

Hobby Lobby:

2 Posters (Fork & Spoon) @ $20 –                    $40.00

Two frames (50% off) @ $25.00 each  –         $50.00

3 Roosters (50% off) at $20 each   –                  $60.00

8 metal letters (“LA CUCINA” – 50% off) @ $3 each – $24.00

3 Other pieces wall art (Bon Appetit, “Eat” etc) –    $44.00


TOTAL:       $248

Which is pretty good (and I’ll admit the Roosters are maybe a bit extravagant 🙂  but I went to Hobby Lobby, not Pottery Barn – which I love but this wasn’t a PB budget, y’all!).  Only catch is I still need to get fabric for a window valance.  Going to use a 50% off coupon at JoAnn fabric this weekend if they have something that will work!  I already have plenty of curtain rods.

So there’s the kitchen looking a million times better than before, at least in person!  Let me know what you think!

And, for the record, if I had my way I would have THIS kitchen (at least today).  Thank you Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage for all of the inspirational kitchen photos!!

Here’s to some happy cooking! 🙂

~ Claire


10/26/12 –  Linking up to… A “Tres Fabulous” Linky Party at Redoux Interiors!



6 responses to “31 Days To An Organized Home: Day 24 – The Kitchen Reveal

  1. Wow, that color really pops doesn’t it! Thanks so much for visiting Alderberry Hill, I really appreciate it. Following you now!

    • Claire says:

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Sarah! I am enjoying catching up on your posts as well. Can’t wait to try your apple crisp recipe in my newly organized kitchen. 🙂

  2. Shannon Fox says:

    What a fun, fun color! DO the whole door 🙂 I love it!!

    • Claire says:

      Thanks Shannon! I actually considered doing the whole door – not sure if it’s too much with the pantry door AND the bifolds right there? Not sure if you saw but I added a link to you above this eve. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  3. thecapeonthecorner says:

    i love how bold you are! good for you!

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