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30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 2… Blessed Beyond Measure

on November 2, 2012

I woke up earlier than usual this morning.   I have already mentioned that I am a (MAJOR) night owl, and The Husband usually handles the morning routine with the little guys  – God bless that man.  I just give sleepy goodbye kisses.  While hitting snooze.  I work in a crazy Media/Entertainment related industry and our deadlines are NUTS sometimes.  I am fortunate right now that some days I can work from home and some days I go into the office.  Today was not an “office” day, however.

Many, many moons ago, back when I was in High School, I remember my Mom would come in the room (at whatever ungodly hour that was) and just flip on the overhead light when it was time to get up.  Gahhhh.  To her benefit, that was usually after me NOT getting up after being asked the first (three) times.

“Can I just have five more minutes?!?”

Still not a morning person.  I am sure it will kick in at anytime, though.  The Teenager is much better at getting up for High School than I ever was.  Another blessing.  But this morning he came in and announced he was out of his disposable contact lenses.  And he didn’t flip the overhead light on but it was the same effect, nonetheless.  I mean, who uses their last contact lens and doesn’t think this might pose a problem, say, the next day?  The same kind of “people” that leave empty orange juice cartons in the fridge, that’s who.  Anyway this “lack of planning” suddenly became my “crisis” well before my first cup of coherency coffee crossed my mind this morning.  Oh, and the fact that it’s the last home football game tonight and The Teenager needs to actually “SEE” the ball, didn’t add to that pressure, nope not one bit.  Pfffft.

So I was up.  I immediately left a message for the eye doctor (who was also probably still sleeping) so that I could get a return call first thing when they got into the office.

Then I started the coffee (nectar of the Gods).

Then I went online.

And the first article I laid eyes on was one about (in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy) the residents of Staten Island and how extremely bad the conditions were for them four days later.   The article opened with the announcement that they had recovered the bodies of the two young boys (aged 2 & 4) that had been ripped from their Mother’s arms as her SUV was overtaken by the storm surge.  She had tried in vain to find them and then finally spent the night on the porch of an evacuated home weathering out the storm.

I sat here paralyzed staring at the screen and just feeling completely shaken for a long while, the coffee forgotten.  And I still feel paralyzed, actually.  The online image of that Mother’s grieving face will not leave me for a while.

Then I felt terribly ashamed.  Since when do contact lenses or a Varsity football game constitute a crisis??  Really?  At that moment, I just wanted all three of my “babies” to come home from school immediately so I could kiss their faces and hug them all over again.  I wanted a “morning do-over”.

And yes, we do “move on” and “we rebuild” after these things – we are “a resilient people”.  But isn’t it so much easier to say such things when you are in FL (or anywhere but there) and not freezing with no gas or electricity like millions of people in NY and on the Northern East Coast?  I bet they would appreciate my working coffee maker right now.

It’s not easy to write about things that you know people may just want to avoid reading, and I won’t apologize for writing what is on my heart.  Whatever post I had planned can wait another day.

30 Days of Thankfulness…    Today I am thankful for my family and for their safety.  I am thankful for working electricity and fresh water.  And yes, I am thankful for fresh coffee on demand.  I look forward to reading what you are thankful for  as well – I know every day might be something new.  Bring on the thankfulness.

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.  Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea, though its waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging.” – Psalm 46: 1-3

Hug your loved ones  – tell them why you are thankful for them.




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