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30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 8 – Festive Fall Felt Pinecones {Deck The Fall!!}

on November 8, 2012

I should really change the title to”Pinecone” (as in singular) since today was so nuts I only had time to make one so far.  I’m talking right on full moon, Monday-esque kind of crazy.  I learn something new every day.  Today I learned I can listen in on a conference call on speaker phone with a glue gun in one hand and my Canon PowerShot in the other.

Oh, and I was also reminded that hot glue is still stinking HOT.  Oh, the price I pay to multi-task.

I was at Target the other day (surprise, surprise) and was looking through some of their Holiday decor.  Not like you can miss it  – when you walk in the door there are now gi-normous, colorful, sparkly words that are dangling from the ceiling that say “Deck The Halls” and “Fa La La La La” and things like that.  Yeah, yeah.  Talk to me after I’ve had my Turkey and stuffing, people!   The truth of the matter is, even though I am grumbling about retailers rushing us through holidays, I am sure that I will post some Christmas recipes and crafts soon too.  These things take time and planning, I get it.  And don’t get me wrong – I do so love Christmas!!  Love, love, love.  I just want to enjoy each season.

But anyway, as I was muttering my “I love Turkey and stuffing” mantra under my breath, I was indeed looking at some of their holiday decorations and saw some really cute red and white felt pinecones in a 4 pack.  I took a couple of pictures but decided to look at their website in the hopes that one of their high paid commercial photographers had possibly captured a better image than I could with my iPhone.  😉   Success.

Cute, huh?  Target has great buyers. I am convinced they are on a secret mission to undermine my bank account.

They are calling these “Felt Pinecone Filler” (yes, singular) and cost $9.99 for a 4-pack.  So, unless you are filling a small cereal bowl, it could really add up to fill in a table centerpiece.  But I thought that these would really be perfect in Fall colors too!  So I high tailed it over to the craft store and picked up a few pieces of $.34 cent felt in two Fall-like colors.  You can see that the material they used is slightly thicker than your average felt, but that didn’t concern me at all.  I was out to create a Target holiday pinecone hack y’all, not an exact replica (and that will become oh so clear momentarily).

First, I decided to use a teardrop shape in four descending sizes for my pinecone “scales”.  I cut some card stock in the four sizes as patterns and traced about 10 each onto my felt.  My white fabric marking pencil was not really cooperating, and I did eventually stop tracing and just cut the pieces freehand, which is fine and ended up being faster anyway.  Pinecones, like snowflakes, are very forgiving as no two are exactly alike (I told myself).

Once I had my little stacks of both colors cut out, I also cut a little “flower” like shape for the base and a few tiny rounds for the top.  The little rectangular piece will be used for the stem in a bit.  I wasn’t sure which color I would start and end with so I had some extra pieces for the next one.

Next I fired up my trusty hot glue gun.   This actually reminded me – during my Freshman year of college, my dorm-mates would joke and say “Claire can do anything with her hot glue gun”.   Come on girls, don’t be silly.  I’m older now and I know that a hot glue gun cannot fix the economy.

But other than that, yes.  I am pretty invincible with some hot glue.

Before starting to assemble, you should know that felt and hot glue don’t really want to be friends, by the way.  I have fabric glue as well but in the interest of this drying super quickly (and getting it posted before, say, next Tuesday) hot glue was the quick option.  And, since it did make it super fast, I will use it for the rest of my pinecones as well, but just note that you have to clear a lot of hot glue “stringies” (pretty normal with hot glue) and if you get a drop on a part of felt by accident it isn’t going to come off without a hairy (felty), name-calling fight.

I started with my two little “rosettes” or base pieces and glued those together:

Starting with the first color, I placed a drop of hot glue on the point of each teardrop and pinched it together to give it some dimension (take THAT, Target buyers!) 😉

Here’s a view from underneath after the first layer went on:

Then I alternated colors going from the largest sized scales down to the smallest:

Once I got to the top, I placed a couple of those little rounds I had cut to finish it off and then I rolled up the stem, securing and attaching with more hot glue:

He’s kind of cute right??  I shall name him Pete The Pinecone.   He only cost me $.68 cents so the least I can do is name him.

I need a bowl full of these or they could be spread out on a Fall mantle, etc.  I took a few pictures of “Pete” just to make him feel welcome and all. And I wanted to make sure you could get a good look.  I might go for a fuller look on the next one (no offense, Pete).  The great thing is you can make different sizes which would look really nice all together.

The real pinecones are biding their time for now.   So how was that for an easy, inexpensive knock-off??

Let’s hear it – send a picture of your favorite Fall / Thanksgiving crafts!

Happy almost Friday!! (Eeek!  I sound like a retailer!!).




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3 responses to “30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 8 – Festive Fall Felt Pinecones {Deck The Fall!!}

  1. i love pinecones in my home for the fall and winter, and these are super cute!

  2. Debbie says:

    Claire, that’s so cute! And very clever to have figured that out. I had to chuckle though. I was wondering whether you’ll get the rest of your pine cones made before I get the rest of my embroidered napkins done. All you need is one for posting, right? 😉

  3. Bethany says:


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