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31 Days To An Organized Home: Day 29 – The Card Catalog Reveal

Welcome!  This is Day #29 of my “31 Days To An Organized Home” challenge.  If you missed it, you can catch up with Day #1 here!


I cannot believe it is already the end of October.  Again.  Time flies when you’re  organizing your house.  😉

Ok, back to the card catalog (and this post is a.k.a. “The Card Catalog – Part 3” – see “Part 2” here).

So we were back at it today (well late today, amid work and a routine parent-teacher conference and real life, etc.).  All of the paint has now dried and The Husband made quick work of getting all of the hardware back in place.   First, here’s a little bit more detail on the drawers:

Since there is a gap inside which can allow for items to fall through…

Silly!  Anyway I added some colorful card stock to line the drawers.  It was what I had on hand and decided it was better than orange.  Maybe someday we can have little wooden inserts made for the bottoms of these drawers but for now we’re on a budget!

The rods that cut through the middle of the drawers made it a wee bit inconvenient…

We actually DID get a cutter that may work to trim these rods, but doing that this eve would have entailed a “Card Catalog: Part 4” post so please use your imagination for now.  🙂

On to the reveal…

So, as much as you know that I just L-O-V-E  light blue, I chose a more neutral color palette for this.  I did consider stain for the top section, but some of the wood is actually not that great of a grade so the base is now a color called “leather brown” with the top finished in a lighter khaki.  I wanted the drawers to pop but didn’t want white, so those are now a lighter cream color.

And, can I get a “woot woot”??  I am SOOO proud that I was able to get some “After” pictures while it was still daylight.  I am not a vampire y’all…  I repeat, I am a night owl.   I just can not seem to get anything posted before the sun goes down.

Here’s the “Before” once more (for dramatic effect):

And the “After”:

And then in place:
Back to the drawers… a “Before” reminder…
And now they are all organized and labeled.  Fancy, huh?
Can you believe that seven (SEVEN) drawers are now empty (thus, not labeled yet) after I de-cluttered???   Unheard of.   I think this could disturb the time-space continuum.  I also may now start charging rent for that precious drawer space.
And that brass sure polished up nicely – all these years and I never knew the potential there!

Of course I am already debating repainting  the legs a different color,  but I think I will get over it once the wall it is up against – below the chair rail – is painted.  I “strongly dislike” (using my nice words) the color that the previous owner chose, which I have now deemed to be called “Baby Poo”.   Sorry, but it’s true.

But I won’t tell the little kids that.  Fits of giggles would immediately ensue and would last well past bedtime and beyond.

Speaking of…  here’s a later edit (11/13/12) adding a photo I just found of Littlest putting on an impromptu show inside the base before it was refinished…

Silly!!  So at long last – the card catalog project is finished!

A last side by side image:

What fun restoration projects are you working on?  I would love to read your comments so please take a second and let me know what you think.

Be safe and all the best to you and your families this eve.  BIG prayers going out to those impacted by Hurricane Sandy.




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