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The Holidays At Home – Best of The Weekend #5


Happy Monday and welcome to the “Best Of The Weekend #5”!!  This one going up a bit later than usual today but, hey.

I was wrapping gifts.   (< — she’s lying)

Rats, foiled again!  Well I hope that you are all finished with your shopping because I, for one, am waaaayyyyy behind, this year.  And I will get it done online very soon but I keep getting distracted by wonderful posts like these below!!!

Alright, you know the drill so here we go, in no particular order – a handful of my favorites from this past week!!   As always, if you are featured or have been featured in the past, feel free to grab the button above and proudly flaunt it on your site.  I will be posting this on FB as well, so come on over and “Like” my page so I will know you saw it!  🙂

Edible Snowflakes @ The Mandatory Mooch

How beautiful are these??  And Nichi gives a great tutorial on how to make them.  I think these would look beautiful on any holiday treat platter!!

edible snowflakes

100 Top “Dollar Tree” Decorating Ideas @ Fox Hollow Cottage

Ok, Christmas is about giving and, while my “Best Of The Weekend” normally highlights approx. 10 great posts.. this is like a little gift INSIDE a gift.  A little “nesting doll” (of 100 extra ideas!!) if you will. 😉   And Shannon’s rhymes for each entry made me laugh the entire time I was looking through this post.  Not to mention… HOLY cheap holiday decorating, Batman!  I have not gotten over to the new Dollar Tree that opened recently and I see a trip in my very near future.  As in 10AM tomorrow.


How To Make A Skirt from Ties @ Crystelle Boutique

So you might be thinking “What in the name of Rudolph does this have to do with the holidays?!?”  Well, I’ll tell ya’.  I want everyone to make one for meeeee for Christmas, that’s what!  LOL  I thought this was just awesome.  And how easy are ties to find at thrift stores??  Love this!   It is actually a really cute gift idea for any eclectic friends or hard to please teens.  😉


Peanut Butter Christmas Trees @ Sweet Simple Stuff

Brenda had me at Reese’s… and another fun one to make with kids.  I, however, opt to make them alone so that nobody knows exactly how many are missing…


Book Page Christmas Trees @ Alderberry Hill

The beautiful Miss Sarah is always hopping over there at Alderberry Hill!  I don’t sleep much over here but I am starting to think she might have a clone with as much as she has going on!! 🙂  Here is Sarah’s take on Book Page Christmas Trees  – I just  L-O-V-E the bases!!  Now I am not sure we have any “unused” books in our house, but I do see them all the time for less than $1 at thrift stores so that will be easy enough to find!!  Thanks busy lady!!



{DIY} Pom-Pom Wreath @ Life In Grace

This is such a fun craft posted by an even more amazing gal!!!  To say that Edie is one of the most inspirational bloggers I have ever come across would be such a major understatement.  Right up there with “The sun is hot” and “I like cute shoes”. (Duh).  Whether Edie knows it or not, she has single handedly changed the way I look at life, one post at a time (and she was most likely wearing awesome cowboy boots the whole time!).   Edie and her family lost everything in a house fire just days before Christmas 2010…  her family’s journey to rebuild their home and their lives, as well as her faith in God, is just too hard to describe in words.  {Caveat Salutor (“Visitor beware”):   By clicking the link below, you acknowledge that you may spend hours on Edie’s site lost in all of her amazing posts and wonder where all that time went…  😉 }


Ornament Display @ The Sweet Survival

Ok who else has a gazillion extra ornaments they bought at half off over the years???  Or am I just the only one with a problem here?  Hmmm.  Well if you DO have some extra ornaments, this display by Trisha is Ahh-DORABLE.


Pecan-Praline Cheesecakes @ Crazy For Crust

Is there anything that Dorothy posts that doesn’t make me want to just lick the screen?  I daresay, “NO. No there is not”.   Girl may be “crazy for crust” but her recipes and beautiful photos are INSANE.  Keep ’em coming, Dorothy.  I’ll be fat and happy in my straight jacket… 😉


DIY Mercury Glass Ornaments @ The Frugal Homemaker

I SO love mercury glass.  These are gorgeous!! Thanks Christina – I need to find my 40% off Hob-Lob coupon ASAP!!


{FREE} Video Message From Santa @ Portable North Pole {PNP}

This one is not a blog but I cannot say enough about how cute this is and how much my kids have enjoyed this for three years in a row – I had to share!  This is also not a sponsored link, and I can tell you that the guys at PNP also do NOT spam after you make a video.  This past year I got three emails.  One that included the link to the video I created.  One telling me my 2011 video was about to expire (maybe around March?).  And one about a month ago reminding me to create a new video for 2012 (thank GOD because I would have forgotten!).  Love this and it’s super easy, too – it only takes about 5 minutes or so.  Again, while they do offer some packages you can purchase, the basic video is free! (PS: Unless your child is an absolute SAINT, I recommend choosing the “Naughty/Nice” video.  Talk about keeping them on their toes!!)  (PSS: Since it’s a video template, I show my children their “videos from Santa” separately).


Hope you are all inspired by some of these great posts! Have a great week!




The Holidays At Home – Burlap Ornament Banner

Crafts - Burlap Holiday Banner

You recall I mentioned that I had bought 4 yards of burlap in my Burlap “Believe” Pillow post?  So of course I am trying to make all sorts of things since the pillow hardly used any of the burlap at all!

I have seen a TON of burlap banners this year, almost all of them as hanging triangles and a couple using rectangles.  They are all pretty cute and I thought it would be fun to try using an ornament shape with a star on each end.  I’ll include the printable patterns at the end.

First, I traced and cut out 5 burlap ornaments and two burlap stars.



You’ll see I made the top of each ornament slightly longer so I can fold it over the jute twine at the end.

I then used some cute holiday ribbon I already had in my stash to decorate all.  I found it was easier to cut the strips of ribbon slightly longer than the ornament and secure with hot glue and trim off the ends of the ribbon once the glue cooled.



I also used hot glue to attach the little bows to the star shapes.  You could also use jewels or glitter glue or whatever else you have on hand!


I have some letter stencils…


but I didn’t like the font for this, so I printed out my letters to make my own “PEACE” letter stencils.  Whatever word you want to create – this is pretty easy stuff!



I used the stencils to hand paint a letter on each burlap ornament using red glitter acrylic paint.


Once the paint was dry, I laid out the ornaments and stars face down, separating each by a few inches.  Make sure you have the letters backwards in the right order!! 🙂


I cut the jute to give me a couple of feet on each end for hanging.  I then folded over the top of each ornament and secured with hot glue and also secured the stars with the hot glue on each end.




The hot glue dries fast so it’s ready to hang in minutes!  I surrounded mine with holiday cards from friends and family.

Crafts - Burlap Holiday Banner

How easy was this?? I think even a caveman The Husband could do it!!  😉  If you make a burlap banner be sure to send me a picture or link!

Here are the printable patterns:



Remember to add a couple of inches to the top of the ornament when tracing and cutting so you can fold it over the twine!!  Peace, y’all!



Linking Up to the “Better Late Then Never Christmas Inspiration Party @ Top This, Top That

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The Holidays At Home – Sweet Feature & TGIF!

Howdy everyone!!!   Please raise your hand if you are as happy as I am that it is Friday!!!

I have missed you all this week!!  It has been a crazy week at work with a big launch which entailed a HUGE media Press Event yesterday so I unfortunately haven’t been able to post since Monday.    I am working on my next post now but I wanted to take a moment to share how very grateful I am for all of my new followers on both this blog and on the “A Little Clairification” FaceBook page  and also for Julie, over at Red Head Can Decorate.  Julie posted SUCH a sweet feature about my “12 Days of Christmas” hand painted pillows today!  I am so grateful!!!


Julie’s post also included some FANTASTIC ideas and tips for outside holiday decorating!!


To see her post click here:


I hope you have all had a wonderful week!   And what do YOU have planned for this weekend?  Anything exciting??  I know that I will be loving on my boys and also catching up here at “ALC” so stand by for more fun craft ideas and yummy holiday recipes!!




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