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A Month To Give Thanks: To Whom Much Is Given…..

Happy November!   Thank you all for following along so far.  I have truly enjoyed your comments and feedback and have also really enjoyed “meeting” (linking up) with some fantastic bloggers over the last month!!

This October’s “31 Day Challenge” was tough!  If you missed it, you can start with Day #1 here.

It pushed us to make things happen.  Some projects, like the card catalog and the front room, took longer than we thought they would.   We missed some days and some deadlines yet exceeded so many other expectations here in our home!  And, in case anyone is wondering, yes we WILL get back to the garage reveal as we were SO close.  There is a neighborhood garage sale this coming weekend and there are now so many things we have identified as “need to go to a good home” (sounds nicer than “junk”) we will be able to post better pics after that.  We are on the right path and I hope that October was a good month for you all as well!

Now we approach Thanksgiving and Christmas, two of my all time favorite holidays…  I am curious how you all feel moving into this season?  I know that the holidays evoke all kinds of memories, feelings and emotions that are different for each and every one of us.

And as much as I love the season, it is a pet peeve of mine that stores put out holiday decorations before Thanksgiving!   I would just like to simply enjoy Thanksgiving and can’t stand how commercialized Christmas has become.  Clearly, I don’t think I can change the retailers minds so I just try to not look at it until after Thanksgiving.  In fact, a few days ago I was buying Halloween candy and as I turned the corner, on the NEXT aisle there were Christmas trees up!!   Ack!!  One store team member saw me turn my head and shield my eyes in mock horror and he actually laughed.  Ha!

Anyway, by getting organized last month, we have been reminded that we have so much and can give back more than we thought.   This will be a month of Thanksgiving and of GIVING for us.

“…to whom much is given, much will be required…”.  Luke 12:48

I am looking forward to sharing traditions, recipes and also some ways you can give back and get your family involved too!

For now, here are a few fun ideas I found that I plan on trying with my boys (each image is linked to the original source – I think it’s important that when we find an idea on Pinterest, etc. that we give proper credit for all that hard work!!):

I L-O-V-E this thumbprint tree… “Thankful”.  I think I would frame that and keep it up year round!

And these button napkin rings are pretty stinking cute too!

And, I have a bunch of fall patterned and plain colored ribbon and some fabric – I love Leen The Graphics Queen Burlap Rose idea and think I have to try it with some of that Fall ribbon I already have.  I definitely have a now bedraggled wreath I can re-purpose!  and she even gives a video tutorial!  Check it out!

Would love to hear some of your favorite Fall decorating ideas too!  Kid friendly or just for crafty “big kids”  😉 either way!



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