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30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 13 – Pilgrims, Indians and… marbles? Oh my.

“The World Is My Pumpkin!” (3 yrs old)

You should know that the original title to this post was going to be  “There’s a slinky in my bed…”.

And there darn sure was a plastic yellow slinky tucked snugly in my bed when I went to go to sleep last night.  And a random Star Wars Lego too, for the record (ouch!).  So you know how Slinkies stretch?   Yep, this one was all stretched out and attached to the footboard.  It’s funny, but ever since our bedroom makeover, the boys just want to cuddle up and read in our bed.  Frankly, between the two little guys and the cat, we might have to start sleeping in the other room!!  Thankfully the Teenager is not interested (but he’s still my “baby” too!!). 🙂   Seriously, though, we wouldn’t change a thing.  Just don’t tell the cat that part – she already thinks she owns the place.

But anyway, this trumped the whole slinky story.

I was tucking Littlest in bed this eve and he shared some insights that I never knew about the Pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock (Historians, take note!).

So I’ll backtrack and begin by saying that today I am thankful for little feet and hands and giggly bellies, and also for sweet little minds that think of the darndest things.

The bedtime conversation went like this:

Littlest:  “Mama, we’re learning about Pilgrims and Indians!”

Me:  “Well yes, you know that story about how the Pilgrims came over on the Mayflower and…”

Littlest:  “Yes, yes I knoowww that (insert ‘Duh, Mom!’ here)  but… did the Pilgrims have marbles?”

Me: “Err, marbles? Well I don’t really know, I um…”

(at this point I think maybe he knows something that I don’t but that maybe I should so I am wracking my brain.  No marbles on the Mayflower are coming to mind and what are they teaching these kids anyway?!  All of that crosses my mind in the span of about a second).

Littlest: “Because if they didn’t have marbles I guess maybe they just had to blow bubbles.”

(I don’t know what my next response should be…)

Me:  “Well, I guess they could have blown bubbles, sure… and, uh, I’ll have to check on the marbles thing.”

Littlest:  “It’s ok.  They didn’t have houses or anything.  They had to build them.”

Me: “That’s right – they didn’t really have much of anything and had to build everything from the ground up.”

(I was starting to feel confident again – I know this part of the story!)

Littlest: “Well, do you know how they knew they weren’t in England anymore?”

(maybe I spoke too soon)

Me: “Because they met Indians for the first time and celebrated the first Thanksgiving?”

Littlest: “Noooo. Because they didn’t have toilets!!!  When they got them they were thankful.”

(ahhh, from the mouths of babes)

 Me:  “Let’s just say prayers, shall we??”

(it’s hard to pray while you’re trying not to giggle but I managed.)


Happy Tuesday!!   I hope that someone you love makes you laugh today!

(oh, and that you have a toilet even if you aren’t in England).  😉

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