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The Holidays At Home – Burlap Ornament Banner

Crafts - Burlap Holiday Banner

You recall I mentioned that I had bought 4 yards of burlap in my Burlap “Believe” Pillow post?  So of course I am trying to make all sorts of things since the pillow hardly used any of the burlap at all!

I have seen a TON of burlap banners this year, almost all of them as hanging triangles and a couple using rectangles.  They are all pretty cute and I thought it would be fun to try using an ornament shape with a star on each end.  I’ll include the printable patterns at the end.

First, I traced and cut out 5 burlap ornaments and two burlap stars.



You’ll see I made the top of each ornament slightly longer so I can fold it over the jute twine at the end.

I then used some cute holiday ribbon I already had in my stash to decorate all.  I found it was easier to cut the strips of ribbon slightly longer than the ornament and secure with hot glue and trim off the ends of the ribbon once the glue cooled.



I also used hot glue to attach the little bows to the star shapes.  You could also use jewels or glitter glue or whatever else you have on hand!


I have some letter stencils…


but I didn’t like the font for this, so I printed out my letters to make my own “PEACE” letter stencils.  Whatever word you want to create – this is pretty easy stuff!



I used the stencils to hand paint a letter on each burlap ornament using red glitter acrylic paint.


Once the paint was dry, I laid out the ornaments and stars face down, separating each by a few inches.  Make sure you have the letters backwards in the right order!! 🙂


I cut the jute to give me a couple of feet on each end for hanging.  I then folded over the top of each ornament and secured with hot glue and also secured the stars with the hot glue on each end.




The hot glue dries fast so it’s ready to hang in minutes!  I surrounded mine with holiday cards from friends and family.

Crafts - Burlap Holiday Banner

How easy was this?? I think even a caveman The Husband could do it!!  😉  If you make a burlap banner be sure to send me a picture or link!

Here are the printable patterns:



Remember to add a couple of inches to the top of the ornament when tracing and cutting so you can fold it over the twine!!  Peace, y’all!



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